Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Quest for the Best!" New Orleans, Last Day

This is my last day in New Orleans I would like to thank Squeal Bar-B-Q, McClure's Barbecue, Cochon Butcher, Toups' Meatery, The Joint, Felix's Oyster Bar, and Two Run Farms. Look for the rest of these fine restaurants here at http://www.meatmeblog.blogspot.com Look for the following restaurant's this week and next week.

Toups' Meatery

The Joint

Felix's Oyster Bar

Two Run Farms: Butcher and Meat Supplier

I have had a blast and I look forward to my next adventure.

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Peace Love and BBQ,
Sean Rice
aka MEAT ME! 


  1. Hi, I'm married to a grilling, smoking, barbecue nut. He loves to cook for crowds and he is turning our backyard into a jungle of grills and smokers. I ask you how many cookers does one man need? Anyway, he is new to blogging and he works long hours, so he asked me the other day, that if I come across any blogs that I know he would be interested in, to please invite them over to visit his blog. I know for a fact that he is going to go crazy for your blog . . . who wouldn't? So if you visit and follow him, I know he'll do the same and follow you. Your blog is exactly the sort of thing that feeds his food craving soul. By the way, I'm your newest follower, just grilling with my hubby. Connie :) Here's his address: http://woodworkinandgoodeats.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment I really appreciate it. I have become a follow on your blog. It really comes down to how many grillers and smokers you will allow him to have. That is really what I have heard the limit to be. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about future post. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Howdy, I'm not sure scientist have a number for how many cooking machines one man needs but it's a voyage of discovery that I am enjoying. Thanks for following my blog. Yours is awesome.

    1. Than you very much. I don't think you can have too many. I think it's even ok to have 2 of the same one. It's my religion and I invite everyone to join me!!! Good times enjoy!


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